Light My Fire Candles

Candles! They are perfect for when your power goes out, you want to set a different mood, tell a spooky story, or enjoy a luxurious bubble bath. Did you know you can shop for candles at Try My Nuts? That’s right, you can set your nostrils into a great mood with a wide selection of tasty nostril scents such as the Hot Buns or Caramel Pecan candles! Light your unique fire today with Try My Nuts by shopping now for the right scent!

Hot Buns Candle 

When it comes to lighting things up your way, you can’t do any better than the scrumptious-smelling Hot Buns candle. Honestly, the smell will drive you crazy enough to want to bite it – but don’t, since it’s hot wax!

Caramel Pecan Candle

If you like a richer scent to warm up your evening, then you might enjoy our Caramel Pecan candle. This one is perfect for pecan pie fans and caramel lovers everywhere. It pairs the warm scent of melted caramel with the nutty aroma of pecans in one perfect bundle.

The Christmas Candle 

If you like to celebrate the holidays with warm and inviting Christmas scents, then the Try My Nuts Christmas candle is perfect for you. Bringing the holidays to you year-round, this candle is full of good cheer, sparkle, and lots of wax. 

Banana Nut Bread Candle

If you are nuts about bananas or bananas for nuts, then our Banana Nut Bread candle is the perfect blend for your nostrils! Pairing the sweet flavors of bananas with the earthy undertones of nuts, we bring you your favorite breakfast bread in candle form. Perfect for brunch or just a relaxing afternoon snack session, this candle is warm, inviting, and a scent sensation not to be missed. 

The Beach Candle 

Son of a beach! It’s the Try My Nuts Beach candle. It brings the soft silky sands and the gentle ocean waves in waves of scent to your nose! Buy this candle to remind yourself of your favorite vacation or to fill up your beachside getaway with the scents of the ocean. Sit back, relax, and listen to the sounds of the waves in your next bubble bath with this candle burning next to you. 

Light My Fire Candle

At Try My Nuts, there’s a treasure trove of the yummiest scents to choose from in our wide selection of candles. We have something for everyone, along with perfect bundles you can create for your loved ones as gifts. We have taken every imaginable combination and added our unique spin to leave your nose begging for more. Your search for aromatherapy doesn’t begin with us – it ends with us. Shop our website today!

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