12 Must Have Shoe Styles For Every Woman’s Closet

Shoes are something no woman can do without. These are the smartest accessories which complete the overall look of any attire. But, the problem with shoes is that they easily get outdated and thus a woman requires to have a plethora of shoe options available in her closet. So, what are the minimum number of shoes that one should must have in her closet. After much research we have come down to 12 pairs (believe us it was really hard). Here is a list of must have shoes for a woman’s closet: Black Pumps: These are the basic and can be owned in suede or leather. Plain black pumps go great with dresses and official attire. Ankle Strap Sandals: Well, this entry made it to the list because of its freshness, as it isn’t that common, these suite a number of dress styles and attires. Black or brown version of these footwear looks great on those dainty feet. Sleek Ankle Boots: Yes a boot is a must have for any woman as these ankle boots have a certain amount of sex appeal which makes a woman feel desired. These can easily be carried with a pair of denims or dresses. Ballet Flats: These are any woman’s dream comfortable shoes. You can do a lot of running around in these shoes and hence is a wardrobe staple. We recommend a black or bright colour in these flats. Animal Print: Yes, you heard us right. A shoe with a snake skin or leopard print will look really great with certain dresses. Just be sure that the pair you choose should be high heels as flats lack charm when it comes to animal prints. Metallic Heels: These heels are a no brainer when it comes down to those evening parties, and these heels easily go along with day dresses too.

Short Stacked Heels: These heels are the blast from the past as these were quite popular during the 90’s and they have stuck since then. They add on a little height to your stature without compromising on comfort. Platform Wedges: Wedges do add up a lot of height along with a lot in style. These go along a number of attires and are easy to carry. These footwear are casual with loads of comfort for the wearer. Casual Sneakers: Buy a pair of fashionable sneakers for those casual outings as these are the most comfortable shoes you could put your feet into. These go along with jeans and dresses alike. Flat Sandals: These are the perfect summer footwear as they go along anything from cut off shorts to those floral sun dresses. These look perfect in summers and are ideal for beaches parties and evening strolls. Tall Flat boots: These are pretty basic, but do wonders when worn with a basic tee shirt and jeans. These have certain boyish charm which works great for teens and college goers. All Weather Boots: All weather boots are something which go along a number of things and are season proof, as they can be worn in summers as well as winters (there is a reason they are called all weather boots, duh!). Done with the list, now if you have that craving to buy any of the above shoes for women, then you can certainly log on to SSIPLOnline.com. You will find a number of choices here.

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