Appreciate your Employees by Greeting them With Customized Anniversary Gifts

Remembering the special days such as birthdays and anniversaries of your employees is very important to let them know that they hold a valuable place in your organization. Giving them a personalized gift on such days boosts their morale even more.

Even if your profit margin is small or you have just started your business; a small, budget friendly gift is all you need to keep your employees motivated. Such small gestures enhance the enthusiasm of the employees to handle every day stress at work.

Ask people in the HR department of your company to dedicate a couple of people for finding budget gift ideas such as reliable imprinted bags as a gift for your employees. Custom Earth Promos is one such place where you can find a lot of personalized and environment friendly gift ideas. Their professional in-house graphic designers can create personalized designs that are sure to impress every one.

Top tips for finding budget friendly employee gifts

  • Ensure that the gifts are personalized to add emotional factor to the gift.
  • Giving meaning and uniqueness to the gift makes the employee feel a lot more appreciated.
  • Choose a gift that can be practically used by them.
  • Customize a regular gift with a quote they can relate with or their name.
  • Always make a bulk purchase of the gift items to keep the prices low.
  • Go minimal with the branding otherwise the gifts will lose its value and would appear more like a promotional product.

5 Popular gift ideas for your employees

  1. Coffee mugs
  • They can easily become part of their work desk and would be used literally every day.
  • They can be easily personalized with their names or photos.
  • They are cheap when purchased in bulk and are available in many attractive colours and designs.
  1. Bags
  • You can either choose unisex backpacks or gender specific bags for each of your employee.
  • Ensure that bags are big enough to carry their valuables and also essentials like a laptop.
  • Fill the bag with products like personalized pens and notepads to give the gift a little more value and meaning.
  1. Thermos and reusable water bottles
  • You can customize these bottles with your company logo.
  • They will ensure that your employees are hydrated at all times.
  • They can also be used to keep their coffee and tea at the right temperature during long hour shifts.
  1. Portable chargers and flash drives
  • Portable chargers are a necessity for employees who have to commute for long hours to show up for work on a day to day basis.
  • Customized flash drives are unique and create a great impression on its users.
  1. Birthday or anniversary gift cards
  • This is the most impressive gift you can give to your employees.
  • A restaurant or shopping gift card on their special day is enough to make them feed valued.

Earn the dedication and loyalty of your employees by appreciating their efforts and remembering them on their special days. Small gifts keep them happy and also promote a healthy working environment which is very essential to boost the creativity of those at work. Do not worry about these small budgets and grow your company in a positive way.

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