The greatest advantage of buying marijuana from a dispensary is that you have a wide range of choices regarding marijuana strains. Marijuana users appreciate various products and take comfort in knowing that the products are produced appropriately and do not contain harmful substances.

However, the most challenging part is identifying the right marijuana strain for your needs which can be tricky even for the most seasoned cannabis users. But worry not because this guide helps you navigate the tricky journey and choose the right cannabis strain for your needs.

Sativa vs. indica vs. hybrid strains

The first thing you notice about the KushMapper cannabis products menu is that the products are divided into cannabis indica, Sativa, and hybrid strains. These terms can be confusing, but you are about to find out what they entail.

Cannabis sativa

Cannabis sativa strains are characterized by high THC levels, producing a more cerebral effect that impacts your emotions and mood. Sativa strains boost energy levels, improve focus, and alleviate depression and anxiety.

In most cases, Sativa strains are ideal for recreational cannabis use, and it is advisable to use them in the daytime to boost your mood and energy levels. THC is the psychoactive component in cannabis, giving a high effect, hence the stimulating effect after using Sativa strains.

Cannabis indica

Cannabis indica strains are characterized by high CBD levels; hence they are great for medical use. For most people, cannabis indica strains produce a physical effect felt throughout the body. Indica strains are used for pain relief, muscle tension relief, enhancing relaxation, and relieving insomnia.

Many people use indica strains before bed because they find them helpful for promoting relaxation, rest, and sleep. CBD-rich cannabis is increasing in popularity as a treatment option for seizures, inflammation, pain, and anxiety without the high associated with THC.

Hybrid strains

Hybrid cannabis strains give you the best of both worlds since they contain similar levels of Sativa and indica. Breeders produce hybrid strains to help people take advantage of the pleasant effects of both strains and avoid the unpleasant ones. Therefore they contain balanced levels of CBD and THC. Hybrid strains are recommendable if you seek the symptom-relieving effects of cannabis with a milder cerebral effect.

Other cannabinoids

Cannabis is more than THC and CBD, so you should also examine other cannabinoids present in a strain before making your decision. For instance, CBN, one of the components of cannabis, has neuroprotective properties which may treat pain and insomnia.

Other cannabinoids occur at different levels in specific strains, and it is crucial to examine them when purchasing. That is to identify the strains that work for you to guide your future cannabis purchase decisions.

Terpenes also matter

Terpenes give a strain its distinctive aroma ranging from sugary sweet citrus to a pungent diesel-like smell. Like cannabinoids, the terpene profile of a strain also impacts its effect. Lemon and pine-like aromas are associated with Sativa dominant effects, while musky and earth-like scents are associated with indica dominant strains.

The punch line

Ultimately consider your symptoms and needs when choosing a cannabis strain.

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