Can Cannabis and CBD Help or Affect the Coronavirus – Know the Truth

Many rumors are spreading about coronavirus on social media. One of those is, CBD and cannabis can help with coronavirus. As of now, there are not any shreds of evidence that prove CBD can reduce COVID-19.

According to researchers, CBD may spring up coronavirus by making the immune system strong. It doesn’t mean CBD protects against the deadly virus because it contains antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties that may affect the virus negatively once you get coronavirus.

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What is CBD?

CBD is the second most popular compound extracted from cannabis plants, hemp, and marijuana. Unlike THC, CBD is a non-psychoactive compound as it contains little THC. These days, a range of CBD products available, from tinctures to pills, gummies, bath bombs, creams, and more.

Scientific evidences on CBD and coronavirus

CBD may prove to provide benefits to those with viral illnesses or recovering from them. As of now, there is no data that support CBD can help with coronavirus. So, taking CBD for coronavirus is risky because more studies are needed to know the effect of CBD on coronavirus.

Although CBD is available on the market, there are not many research studies on humans. A study was conducted on CBD for epilepsy with FDA-approved Epidolex, a CBD-based drug, in 2018. This research is carried on 100 patients before approving it.

CBD has shown promising antibacterial, antiviral, and other positive effects when research studies are conducted on test tubes and animals. Another study conducted on tiny people with insomnia found that taking CBD of 160 mg helps in sleeping better.

Immune system, CBD, and coronavirus

The immune system safeguards the body from health issues, infections, and diseases. Many factors affect the immune system in both positive and negative ways. A few ways that support to keep the immune system is

  • Doing exercise, meditation, or relaxation practices
  • Laughing
  • Adding healthy foods to the diet
  • Avoiding alcohol
  • Taking supplements

All these help to lower the levels of stress hormones. Even people who do everything may get coronavirus, but many people have a serene illness.

Interaction of CBD with potential drugs

CBD may act negatively with some medications. According to a report, CBD is not ideal for people over the medications of seizures, like valproic acid and clobazam. It is because CBD may increase the side effects of these drugs or causes liver injury risks.

CBD impacts depending on the amount of drug circulation and target the same enzymes present in the liver like other medications. So, before using any CBD product consult your doctor. In case, you are on drugs like pain medication celecoxib, heart medicine nifedipine, benzodiazepine sedative, and omeprazole gastrointestinal drug avoid taking CBD.

Purchase quality CBD products

If you are interested in taking CBD, purchase from a reliable store. Look at the batch number over the bottle and check the test results on their website to ensure the product is high quality.



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