About Topac Shakur Acrylic Portrait by Katiaskye | Wall Art Code MUS-TS02

Tupac Shakur is a musical sensation among the teenagers and young adults of this century. His melodies are rocking and attract the attention of music lovers all over the world. Over 75 million records of this famous rapper have been sold globally and this is quite huge to signify him as one of the most popular music artists of this era. He is a music sensation to his innumerable fans worldwide and an enthusiastic lyricist as well. His acting is another factor that makes him an idol among the youngsters.

This portrait of Tupac is drawn by an amazing artist who has converted a white canvas into a lively piece of artwork. Katia Skye has printed this Tupac shakur wall art on acrylic sheets with utmost care and accuracy. Every stroke of the brush and the combination of hues have given it a different level of visual appeal.

Details and Specifications

This portrait comes in 14 different dimensions and under the ”note to the seller” section you can write the specific dimensions that will suit your requirements. You can choose between portrait or landscape alignments too. Shipping of this package is done by DHL, FedEx, or UPS which gives you the guarantee of delivery without any hassle or damages. The item comes in a Thermocol pack that makes it damage-proof. When it is delivered you will find a packet that contains stainless steel hardware that contains bolts to fix the portrait.

When the parcel arrives, you will find brown paper on the portrait. You will have to peel off the brown paper for which you can either use your hands or use an object which is not sharp. Do not use any sharp object for the purpose to avoid any scratches on the painting. Do not peel off the white paper on the portrait, just the brown paper film.

Why you need it

You can use this piece of artwork in your living room, dining area, or bedroom. The vibrant colors and exclusive look of this portrait will enhance the feel and appearance of the space. You can also use this piece of art to decorate the walls of an office, restaurant, gym, or even any other place. This portrait will brighten up the whole area and create a spectacular experience for the audience.

You can gift this incredible portrait of Tupac to your loved ones like friends and family members on their birthday or anniversaries and on other special occasions like Christmas, New Year’s, Office parties, and graduation parties. Your choice of art will amaze the receiver and they will be grateful to you.

More About Us

We at Katiaskye, sells artworks online and you can find different portraits on our official website. Different paintings are listed under separate collections. We are based in Colorado. Our contact details are also available on our official website. You can find our address, our email ID, and our phone number under the ‘Contact Us’ section.

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