Top Woman’s Sunglasses Trends for Summer 2022

Sunglasses are very fashionable items. In fact, they are probably one of the few massively popular products that have both a wide practical appeal (they are not just for the sun) and come in a such a vast range of styles so to allow the consumer to make a real fashion statement at the same time. And those in the business of selling sunglasses – whether that be wholesale designer sunglasses or high-fashion brands – know that the route to success is to make the most of this twin appeal. And this, in part, involves keeping an eye on the sunglasses fashion trends.

Although male sunglasses are also very fashionable items, it is perhaps within the field of woman’s sunglasses that the most dynamic fashion trends are observed. In thrall to the various celebrity trendsetters out there and the innovative new designs constantly being developed by sunglasses brands, women’s sunglasses are massively varied. Moreover, there is never any one style that seems to predominate. And for sunglasses sellers, the aim is always to reflect this variety in their inventories. That does not just mean offering everything and anything, though.

Success for All Seasons

Before outlining some of the dominant women’s sunglasses fashion trends for the coming summer, it is worth pointing out just how uniquely appealing sunglasses are as a product choice for merchants – both online and off. The appeal of super expensive big brand sunglasses is obvious, and it is largely decided by celebrity endorsements and the attraction of well-established brands. Nevertheless, cheaper sunglasses, usually bought in bulk from a wholesaler, can actually be more lucrative in the long run.

The great thing about buying sunglasses in bulk is that you can receive these bulk orders as “assorted batches”, meaning that you can get a range of assorted styles in every batch. Olympic Eyewear, a sunglasses wholesaler offering precisely such batches, note that sunglasses sell all year round because they can be used in many practical contexts.

Sunglasses can be used for driving, for winter sports, for easing eyestrain when using a computer, and much more. By offering inexpensive bulk order sunglasses, you can cater for all these needs and still reflect fashion trends with the range of styles offered within every assorted batch. But what actually are these fashion trends?

Summer Sunglasses Trends

So, here follows the fashion trends currently governing the consumer choices where women’s sunglasses are concerned:

Angular Sunglasses

Among women’s sunglasses, angular shapes are very much in. Think big sunglasses with square, rectangular frames and hard edges. These can be expected to sell well in 2022.

Oversized and Dark

Fashion trends tend to move in cycles, and any one classic style can always be expected to come around again at some point. Oversized and dark sunglasses are one such trend that is very certainly cropping up again this summer.


The color of passion and of energy. A pretty pair of bright red sunglasses can be expected to catch the eyes of your more fashion-minded customers.

Frame Ornaments

From angular sunglasses to oversized pairs and those sporting a bright red color scheme, it seems to be the case that ostentation is very much the trend of the season. True to this form are novelty details like crystals, studs, and oversized shapes – also a solid trend for the summer.

As you have probably noticed, you can have all these trends (and more) accounted for in any bulk order of variety sunglasses. Answering the practical need which is always there, this is how you can cater to all the fashionistas as well.

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