The Best Ways to Earn Extra Money from Home

If you are a stay-at-home mom or dad, you might be interested in finding out if there are any ways you can legitimately earn some extra cash from home. But while there are many online scams looking to cheat you out of your money, know that there are a number of things you can do to start earning without leaving the house.

Start Your Own Blog

The internet can be a huge money earner if you know what you are doing. If you are good at writing or have no problems speaking into your smartphone, you could start by setting up a blog or vlog. A blog or vlog can be set up for a few dollars, and if you write or speak about something that you are passionate about, you could soon have a faithful following. Once you have a healthy number of visitors, you could monetize your blog/vlog with ads or affiliate links and start earning real money doing something you love.

Become a Freelancer

Following on from the above, if you enjoy writing and have a flair for it, you could become a freelance writer. There are hundreds of opportunities for people to get paid to write articles, blogs, and other content for websites. You can search out job offers online or sign up to websites such as Upwork or Freelancer where you can create a profile from which potential employers can contact you.

Get Cashback for Buying Products

If you are a regular online shopper, why not sign up with a cashback site such as RebatesMe for cashback on almost everything you buy. The amount you earn will depend on the products you buy as well as the percentage offered by the retailer, but over the course of a year you could earn hundreds of dollars if you buy via a cashback site at retailers such as Macy’s Cashback sites are a terrific way to earn money for little effort.

Take Part in Online Surveys

If you are at home all day, taking part in online surveys could mean extra money in your back pocket. Take an hour or two each day and look through paid survey websites, where you could be earning cash or gift vouchers. Some of these sites even give you the chance to enter prize draws to win products. However, note that you should not be asked to pay money to join a survey site. If you are, chances are it is a scam and so should be avoided.

Install Apps on Your Smartphone

Yes, we didn’t believe this was true but apparently if you install certain apps on your phone, you will receive a payment. And what’s even better, if you keep the apps on your phone, you may get a monthly payment offering up to $50 a year. Why, you might ask? Well, certain apps allow companies to track how people are shopping online or can give them an insight to how individuals are using their cell phones, and they are willing to pay for this information.

Use a Different Search Engine

If you are not a creature of habit and don’t mind change, you could choose a different search engine when browsing the net. Some search engines, such as Bing, will allow you to accumulate credits every time you do a search, which you can then exchange for gift cards. It is possible to earn up to $10 every month just for doing what you would be doing anyway.

There are just so many opportunities to earn extra money online, and now you know which ones are legitimate.

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