Select wedding floral wisely

The most exciting part of wedding planning is ‘’Selection of wedding flowers’’. It is not so simple as to pick some favorite flowers of yours and add them up in your wedding decorations. You need some basics to add a perfect collection of flowers at your wedding venue in a perfect way. Follow these simple tips to add a touch of glamour, elegance, and romance to your wedding day.

  • Do some homework:

It is better to pre-plan the whole event. For the selection of bouquets, cascades, posy, and centerpieces it is better to figure out what you like.

  • Relate the floral with the venue:

The wedding locale you choose influences greatly your floral decision. Avoid mismatching of floral decorations with the venue. Of course cluster of wildflowers will look odd in a formal ballroom and a vineyard, botanical garden, or a park will need minimal need of flowers to make a big impact. Configuration of your tables (a long-form of the table or round table) also needs your attention to the selection of centerpieces.

  • Flowers and style:

Certain flowers evoke some specific styles and flowers mainly reflect your wedding style. For classic vibe peonies and roses are super fit while loose clusters of flowers with vibrant colors and a mix of greenery exude a rustic look. Modern touch can be added by sleek architectural varieties in the minimalistic arrangement and big blooms take on a romantic look.

  • Personalize your flowers:

From bouquet wraps to symbolic stems bring meanings into your flowers. Go with flowers with deep meanings like red and white roses signify romance and purity, lily of the valley expresses purity and happiness, and red tulips signify passion and love.

  • Size does matter:

Flowers in your wedding arrangements must compliment you, don’t let them overwhelm you. Regardless of your fashion choice, your bouquet mustn’t be too heavy or too fragrant. Your wedding bouquet is surely a must part of your wedding look, but it is not the only thing to make you look pretty.

  • It is not about centerpieces and bouquet only:

Centerpieces and bouquet are not the only places for flowers, but they need more space in your wedding. Use flowers to frame the two of you, decorate walking path and aisle with flowers, and don’t forget other arrangements like escort cards display, boutonnieres, and cocktail table clusters.

  • Think about some logistics and technicalities:

It is important to take a look on the following issue:

  • Coordinate the delivery time of your floral arrangements with the arrival of your photographer.
  • Remove any damaged flowers before placing them in vases and maintain their freshness.
  • To avoid speed up wilting of blooms don’t leave them in direct sunlight.
  • Technically “I do’’ event will last for an hour maximum so it’s really painful to invest the heavy amount for this short period. So, think in advance to recycle your blooms.


To get rid of these unnecessary logistics and technicalities offers you to choose sola wood flowers, wooden bouquets, and wooden roses options for your wedding. You can use these sola wood flowers and wooden bouquets not only for the event without any tension of wilting or drying but can also keep these colorful memories with you for the rest of life.

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