Lesser-Known Tips for Selling Sunglasses

Sunglasses are a universally popular product (toss away any notions that they are only for summer), and they are therefore sold in many different ways to many different types of people. And the actual types of sunglasses that are typically sold are similarly diverse. Accordingly, giving some hard and fast rules about how to shift your sunglasses inventory is impossible. It really does depend on who you are selling them to and what type of sunglasses you are selling.

Nevertheless, there are some general tips for selling sunglasses, and it is only that the diversity of potential customers needs to be kept in mind. Olympic Eyewear, a company selling bulk sunglasses to physical outlets and ecommerce sites, say that they deliberately provide diverse batches of wholesale sunglasses, allowing retailers the opportunity to cast the net wide, as it were, to target as many potential customers as possible. With so many potential customers, however, comes many possible marketing strategies.

Be Consistent and Specialize

Really, any company that offers both inexpensive wholesale glasses and expensive designer shades is trying to be all things to all men, and that is much more of a challenge than selling to a market you understand. This could be considered the main tip for sunglasses selling then – be sure to stock the sunglasses you expect to be popular wherever your outlet is located or, if it is online, the sunglasses that are popular among your customer base (which is sure to be pretty specific).

General Rules for Selling Sunglasses

So, you have just stocked up on several assorted batches of sunglasses – or you have managed to stock three or four pairs of $1000 Ray Bans in your store – how do you go about selling them? As mentioned, there is no hard and fast rule, but here instead follows some general tips, many of which are not nearly as well known among sunglasses retailers as they should be.

Selling Tips

It is a very different type of customer that purchases a pair of designer Oakleys compared to one who purchases three or four pairs of inexpensive sunglasses. If you are to market to these people, you need to know their needs and expectations. Accordingly, emphasize fashion for the designer shades, emphasize practicality for those who need sunglasses for driving, and emphasize medical know-how and expertise for those looking for a pair of prescription sunglasses. Here are some tips:

Urge Customers to Try Them On

This tip is standard practice among clothes retailers, but we sometimes forget that sunglasses are a part of an outfit too. If you run a physical outlet, you should make a point of ensuring there is a large mirror close to the sunglasses rack for customers to pick out their favorites and see how they look in them. In the case of inexpensive sunglasses, you could even find customers buying three or four pairs because they simply don’t know how to pick between the ones that they love!

Emphasize Your Practical Knowledge

Is that customer looking for a pair of sunglasses specifically for UV protection? You should have all the facts and figures to hand when chatting to them about the glasses. You should also make this information very clear in your marketing as well. If you are selling sunglasses online, be sure to include detailed product information with every pair.

It depends on what glasses you’re selling but, generally speaking, customers are often pretty discerning when picking out a pair of sunglasses. With the right knowledge and a few marketing tactics though, you could realize the full potential of this most popular and lucrative product.

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