Five summer fashion tips for men

Now that summer has well and truly landed, many of us will have packed away those winter warmers and are ready to fully embrace the light fabrics and bright prints of the sunny season.

According to Trinity World the fashion industry changes by season, so what summer staples are essential in menswear this year to keep you looking and feeling fresh, cool and comfortable?

Go light

Now that the bulky sweatshirts, woolly accessories and thick jackets are gone, it’s the perfect time to travel light. Lightweight garments and multi-purpose clothing (swim shorts can easily double up as regular shorts) make it easy to get up and go, enjoying the long days without the baggage. Opt for fabric backpacks and lightweight holdalls for your day at the beach.

Bold prints

The Hawaiian shirt is one garish print that is making a revival this summer, but if that’s too much for you, there are plenty of other ways to embrace bold summer prints on a more subtle scale. Swimwear is a great way to showcase some crazy prints without too much commitment. Let loose, have fun and enjoy the seasonal prints.

Lightweight suits

Summer weddings are all well and good but not when you have to wear a formal suit in sweltering temperatures. Keep it cool with light fabrics such as linen or cotton. A pair of chinos and Farah shirts ( can also achieve a sophisticated, dressy look whilst simultaneously keeping you cool.

Ditch the socks

Summer is the only time of year when you can really get away with showing some ankle. Embrace the warm weather by venturing out in sandals or flip flops. If you favour loafers or trainers there’s still no need to wear socks; just give your foot-candy a good opportunity to air out afterwards. Nothing says summer like bare skin, and a woolly sock is certainly not a sign of the season.


Lightweight, fabric blazers have to be a staple part of your summer wardrobe. Hugely stylish and very versatile, a plain blazer in a neutral tone (such as navy) is something you can team with shorts for a smart-casual evening ensemble. Opt for an unstructured blazer, and it will even be comfortable enough to throw on during the day for a breezy walk along the beach.

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