Airpod Clones: Everything You Want To Know

You probably know how awesome Apple Airpods are and you also know how terribly expensive they can be. These Airpods were released all the way back in 2016 and an update only announced recently. They are still some of the most popular and reliable wireless earbuds in the market. Even after such a long time, they are still sold at the same price.

Right after Apple, several other manufacturers have also launched incredible wireless ear pods. Most of them are good at best. They come with different features, styles and even fits. However, some of us still prefer to have the original Airpods from Apple. It’s simply not that easy to resist those sleek looking white earpieces. But what about Airpod replicas? How good are they compared to the genuine Apple product?

If you totally want to have the Airpods but are not thinking to spend so much, maybe Airpod clones will be a good option for you. You’ve probably come across some of the best Airpod clones while scrolling on the internet selling at a fraction of the original price. If you wondered why they’re so cheap, that’s because they are replicas and not the real deal.

Some of these manufacturers have almost a completely similar 1:1 copy design with Apple airpods, while others tweak some of the features a little. You can get Airpod clones at varying prices that could go anywhere from $4.50 to almost $100.

The biggest differences you will get


The size of most airport clones is bigger than the genuine airpods. Basically, you can’t really mistaken them for the original product because they are simply too large and obvious. However, if you don’t mind the size you might be able to land yourself a good cheap earpod. Nowadays the latest clones offer a 1:1 sizing and appearance at a reasonable price.


Most Airpod clones come with inbuilt lights on the earbuds. Some light could flicker blue or red and they’re usually very noticeable at night. Some may have a way to switch this off while others don’t so if annoying lights are not for you, then check carefully.

Quick pairing

If you compare most Airpod Clones with a real Apple Airpods, you may notice that they are a bit slower to pair. Apple Airpods pair very fast and you’ll find most clones using slower Bluetooth processors to pair. If you don’t mind waiting just a bit, then you can surely be satisfied with a good Airpod clone.

Control Buttons

Though most Airpod clones come with remote control, it will still be hard for you to automatically turn them on and off when you put them in and out of your ear. In fact for most of them, you need to manually press and hold the control button. This is very different compared to the original Apple Airpods since they are touch sensors.


Most Airpod clones don’t last as long as the original Apple Airpods. Most of them last around one-and-a-half hours or so, therefore the battery life is something you need to compromise on. But just purchase a few more as backup if they are cheap.

Bass Quality

When it comes to sound quality, you’re most likely not to get anywhere as good as Apple airpods. Of course the Airpod clones are not going to be that bad especially for people who have never used the Apple Airpods. However, if you had, you might just be disappointed over the sound quality. Most of them also don’t come with strong bass. However for normal users, the sound quality is more than suffice.

All in all, Airpod clones are getting better these days as the China factories are upping the ante in their quality of Apple replica products. So do look out for these pointers if you are looking for a good Apple Airpod alternative.

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