The subtle art of not falling prey to expensive brands and opting for affordable looking bombs!

Gingham trend with popping vibrant colors and multiple undertones, solid block colors with flashy, neon collars, catchy color stripes and most distinctive prints to make you anyone look their leaner, meaner and their most excellent self, are the features and attributes of Shahzeb Saeed’s shirts which they boast about. Honestly gingham, stripes, and even starkly contrasting collars and pockets can be quite a tricky thing to curate as most of the brands get it all completely wrong because in  order to present and sell themselves with the tagline of unique they incorporate such patterns and colors which are distinctive and quirky but not wearable for most people. There is just a subtle, faint line which if crossed can make you look weird and overdressed rather than making you look sassy and unique so always opt for the brand which designs and present clothes as per your personality and preferences. Shahzeb Saeed’s brand sell itself by the motto of letting your clothes speak without you uttering a word, and this intention is quite visibly portrayed in their inventory and collection of formal and casual shirts. Starting with just Rs.999, these shirts are as feisty, and statement-making as the brand boast them to be.

The prices mentioned on this designer’s brand website honestly can be quite deluding and misleading because the generalized first impression is that such rates and costs won’t get you any apparel of supreme quality and beautiful stitching. This façade seems to be too good to be true in a setup like Pakistan where shopping predominantly online shopping has time and again proved to be quite deceiving. Hence, I decided to give it a try after all not much money was at stake. The founder, pioneer and creative mind behind this brand is Shahzeb Saeed himself who once belonged to an extremely humble background and therefore is well aware of the prices and products that target the masses. Coming back to the apparel I ordered; it was a purple and white striped shirt with white contrasting collars and buttons and oh boy I wasn’t disappointed. The clothing spoke volumes of fantastic quality, fine stitching, and appropriate fitting; the brand stood right to all the things which it claims which was quite a  welcoming surprise for me. Delivery charges and time were same as it is for most brands. The best thing about this whole shopping venture was that it opened my minds regarding the most used cliché ‘affordable shopping’. Personally, I never was a huge fan of this overestimated phrase as the apparel which fits your budget mostly never fulfills your clothing standard or expectations, but this brand proved to be quite an exception.

The shirts whether casual or formal offered by Shahzeb Saeed consists of various patterns some are too monotonous and usual while others are quite conspicuous and distinctive with numerous designs and colors. Usual stuff attracts people who are extremely loyal and comfortable with safe options and doesn’t like to experiment much while the quirky one’s interests people who opt of risque choices. All in all the shopping experience, not one not twice but almost more than five times have proven to be quite splendid and delightful. I without a doubt would recommend it to people who are looking for good quality eternally lasting casual and formal shirts.

Author: Ms. Ghazal Pirwani

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