Why You Should Refinish Furniture Instead of Replacing It

The average American household has accumulated a lot of furniture over the years. One big question that arises is how to get rid of old or broken-down furniture and replace it with modern pieces that fit your current style and needs. The truth is, you don’t actually need to throw everything out and start from scratch. Furniture can be refinished and updated to stay up-to-date and highly stylish. Here are some reasons why refinishing your furniture is the way to go:

#1 – It’s Cheaper

The biggest reason to refinish furniture instead of replacing it is that it saves you a lot of cash in the long run. Furniture can become worn or broken down after several years, but it doesn’t mean you should scrap the whole piece and buy a new one. Getting your old furniture refinished will make it look brand new. This means you can take those shabby pieces from college that have been sitting in the garage for the past ten years and turn them into an awesome end table or sofa table. This way, you won’t have to spend thousands of dollars on new furniture pieces that will go out of style within a few years.

#2 – It Looks Brand New

When your old furniture starts to look shabby or outdated, it can be quite disheartening. Instead of throwing out the whole piece and buying a brand new set, why not just refinish it? This is the cheapest and easiest solution for your old furniture.

Whether you’re updating a desk or revamping an entire sofa, refinished furniture will never look cheaper than what you bought it for originally. With new paint or stain coats, you can refresh your furnishings to look like new again.

#3 – It is Eco-Friendly

Since you’re already replacing your furniture with a newer version, why not go green? Refinishing old pieces of furniture not only saves you money in the long run, but also helps the environment. You can upcycle old pieces into new furniture by repurposing them with paint or a new coat of stain. This way, you won’t have to buy as much furniture as you normally would, which will reduce the amount of excess waste being thrown out by consumers.

#4 – It Gives You More Options & Freedom

In a lot of ways, refinishing furniture is beneficial because it gives you more options and freedom. You can get rid of furniture that doesn’t fit your modern style and get new pieces that do. It also allows you to make the most out of every piece by revamping it for a specific room or purpose.

For example, you could repurpose an old dresser into a convenient TV stand in the living room or a nightstand in the bedroom. This way, you’ll get more use out of your furniture and won’t have to buy anything new. It’s a great way to save money and add some personalization in any room.

#5 – It is More Durable

Furniture undergoes a lot of everyday wear-and-tear, not to mention the constant use from owners and guests. If your furniture is starting to show its age after a few years, it might be time to refinish it instead of buying new. Refinished pieces last for a long time because they don’t easily scratch or chip like raw material. As we mentioned before, old furniture can be made into any piece you need. You can refinish an old coffee table and turn it into a dining room table or vice versa. There are endless possibilities for furniture, so use your imagination and create something unique!

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