Tips on How to Buy Jockstraps

You may be afraid to buy a jockstrap particularly if it’s your first time. This must not be the case. Instead of fear, what you must feel is excitement. In the end, your butt and your bulge will benefit from it. For you to be able to choose the right jockstrap, you have to be aware of the various styles of jock and cup. By then you will know what to do to increase the protection, comfort, and support you get from the undergarment.  It’s best if you read some pointers on how to choose your first ever jockstrap.

If it’s convenient for you to buy from a physical store, then do so. Otherwise, you can choose from a wide array of jockstraps available online. You can save some money when you buy online when you look for sites that offer deals. Online stores also have more options to choose from compared to a physical store. You won’t run out of options.

Choose the material the jockstrap is made of carefully. If you intend to use the jockstrap daily whether for fashion or for sports or medical reasons, it would benefit you more if you choose a material that can give you comfort such as cotton or cotton blend. When it is used for more physical activities, a material that wicks away moisture from the body. Examples of this are spandex and rayon. These materials provide ventilation to the body while you are physically active.

Check the options you have for a jockstrap. Look into color, style, and pouch type. The fashion jocks have more color varieties than the sports jocks. The styles on the other hand may range from the boxer type to the scanty thong-like briefs. The pouch type may not be that obvious all the time. There are some people though who look for a specific feature like the pouch presentation and comfort level. Some types of pouch are original, contour, and snug.

You have to be sure of your size range. The size that is listed on the jock is only the waistband size. The cup may be a separate part of the pack or listed separately on the packaging. Remember that the cup must be able to totally hold the organ in a comfortable and snug manner. The leg straps must also be sufficiently tight to prevent twisting in any way. Most jockstraps use brand-particular size charts. Make sure to check on this before you buy one.

Figure out if you have to use a cup or not. Cups can chafe the skin, build up heat in the area more than what’s necessary, and it can be bulky and uncomfortable. Although some physical activities may require jockstraps with cups, track and field, basketball, rollerblading, and others are better off worn without cups.





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